2012, Contemporary Art of Osang Gwon, Hanseung Ryu

English / Korean Contemporary Art of Osang Gwon Hanseung Ryu, Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea  1. In general, Osang Gwon’s oeuvre consists largely of Deodorant Type, The Flat, and The Sclupture series. Started in beginning of 1998, Deodorant Type is

2010, Contemporary Art From Korea – Peppermint Candy

English / Korean Contemporary Art From Korea – Peppermint Candy Exhibition Catalog for National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, August 2010 Advertisement, which determines the current of popular culture, has established itself as an important medium of communication for not only

2010, Memories of Future, Catalog for Leeum

English / Korean Memories of Future Exhibition Catalog for Leeum, Seoul, Korea, August 2010    Photography is the easiest and most effective tool for capturing three-dimensional spaces in two-dimensional images. Thus, far more than painting or sculpture, its functional aspect of representing

2008, Return of the Sculpture, Juhyun Lee

English / Korean  Return of the Sculpture Juhyun Lee, Curator, ARARIO Gallery, June 2008 In this period when the ready-made cars come in galleries with the title of artwork, Gwon made a supercar in bronze. Here, Gwon, an artist who had been

2008, The Manifold Destiny of Osang Gwon, Eric C. Shiner

English / Korean The Manifold Destiny of Osang Gwon Eric C. Shiner, June 2008   Korean artist Osang Gwon skillfully straddles the mediums of photography and sculpture in a rich and complex signature style that seems to nod to Pop

2006, A new method of playing with illusion and reality, Chungwoo Lee

English / Korean A new method of playing with illusion and reality – Gwon O-Sang    “A new technique of illusions making tiny but visible cracks in the territory of the Korean art scene established by the 1990s”   Chungwoo Lee, Art in