2011, DEZINE Magazine, Greece

English / Korean  Interview with DEZINE Magazine   What was your departure point for creating this new so called “photo-sculpture” or “hybrid sculpture”? Did you set your mind on discovering a new genre of sculpture from the beginning, did you wish to

2009, Aesthetica Magazine

English / Korean   Interview with Aesthetica Magazine   Some of your works, specifically in the ‘Deodorant Type’ series, feature figures with deformities or additional limbs or appendages. Is this reflective of an interest in the “abnormal” physical nature of the human

2008, Questions

English / Korean Interview with Questions   Can you please tell us a few basic details about yourself? I’m a so-called asphalt kid born in 1974, raised in a middle-class family and the son of the generation who led the economic growth after

2008, The Manchester Evening News

English / Korean Interview with The Manchester Evening News   How did you first become interested in art? I first became interested in art as a thirteen year-old, when I began to a read monthly art magazine.    What is your background?